What are Fields?

Fields are very very handy, you can add these to your Card Categories, allowing you to sort and filter your Cards by your own custom values. 

Fields can be single choice, multiple choice or a text field (where you can just type straight into them)

These are completely customisable and a great way to track and sort a limitless amount of things such as:

  • Responsible (Lisa / Georgia / Bianca / Tom)
  • Dates (DOB, shoot dates, deadlines)
  • Decisions (yes/no/maybe)
  • Results (lost/won/TBC)
  • Availability (yes/TBC/not avail) 
  • Ratings (a/b/c or 1star/2star/3star)

Creating a Field

To create a Field, go to Settingsand then select the Field icon

Press the plus sign next to the dropdown box to create a new Field.

Select the Field type you want from the "Field Type" dropdown box. This could be Choice, Multiple Choice, Date, Date of Birth or Text. Create a title for your Field, and then if you choose Choice or Multiple Choice Field, add values for your field. 

You can press the plus next to the last value to create another, and edit the colours of the values by clicking the coloured dot and choosing from a palette. Hit "Save" when you're done.


Adding a Field to a Card Category

In order to add a Field to your Cards, you'll have to add it to the Card Categories you want it to appear on. 

eg, if you've created a DOB field, you may want to add that to the Crew Card Category, or the Talent Card Category, so it appears on every Crew or Talent card, but not the Location Card Category as you don't need to know a Locations date of birth.

To add your Field to a Card Category, go to settingsand then Card Categories 

Select the Category from the dropdown menu or press + to Create a new one. 

When you have selected your Category e.g. Talent, scroll down to "Linked Fields" and select the Fields you want to add from the dropdown menu at the bottom labelled "Choose a field to add". 

Hit "Save" in the bottom right corner when you are finished to save the changes you have made to your category.


Contact Fields 

The Contact Details Field is a set Field you cannot change, you can add these to any Card Categories in order to have contact details on a Card. They will come on any Person type Card as default. 

Social Fields 

The Socials Field is a set Field you cannot change, you can add these to any Card Categories in order to have social media links on a Card. They will come on any Person type Card as default. 

Using Fields on Cards

You hide or view Fields on a Card by pressing this icon

Click into any Field to add a value. Fields will save instantly and update everywhere. 

On a Single choice field, simply click the value you'd like to select.

On a Multiple Choice Field, tick any option(s) you'd like to add.

On a Date Field, you can type straight into the date or click the arrow to select from a calendar.

On a Text Field, you can just click into the box and type. 

What can you do with Fields? 

You can see Fields on a Cards that are on Boards. Simply press this button to toggle what Fields you want to display on and off.  If your Fields are in a Set they will display in each Set. 

Each Field you select will display on the front of your Cards.

Fields can be linked to a Kanban. Or used to filter a Kanban

You can also pull Fields into Lists

Fields are searchable in the Project Library

Field Sets 

Field Sets are a tool to group Fields together to distinguish them between different departments, phases and workflows. They are really handy when you have a large amount of Fields on a card category, as different people or teams can hide what isn't relevant to them. 

Here are some examples of how Field Sets could be used:

  • Episode Cards could have Field Sets for their Sponsorship, Field and Post teams
  • Shoot Cards could have Story, Challenge, Production and Talent Field Sets
  • Brief Cards may need a Field Set for their Integration, Activation and Creative teams
  • Contestant / Contributor Cards could have a Casting, Production and an Edit Field Sets

To Create a Field Set

Step 1: Go to Settings and choose Field Sets

Step 2: Create a new Field Set by pressing the plus

Step 3: Give your Field Set a Title and choose an icon.

Step 4: Choose Fields to add to the Field Set by pressing the arrow next to each field. When they are all in "Selected Fields" hit "Add and Close" to save.

Step 5: Add a Field Set to a Card Category

Go to Card Categories in Settings

Select the card category from the dropdown menu.

Scroll down to the "Linked Fieldsets" dropdown menu and select the Field Set you want to add. Hit "Save" when you're done.

Your Field Sets will appear on your Cards under their chosen icons.