Outreach > Lumi 

Turn online applications into Lumi cast cards with one click of a button. Please contact us about integration solutions for outreach/online applications for your project. 

Build your own Casting Database & Protect your IP 

Store contact details, photos, audition videos, social media links, links to edit cut downs, producer notes, wardrobe, red flags, interview questions, appearances releases, paperwork and much more. Save your team time by avoiding situations where you have the same cast applying for multiple shows, or make sure those that just missed out are not lost next time around.  Record emails and communications in Lumi, rather than in staffs inboxes, to make sure you're across duty of care.

Keep your Team on track 

Assign cast interviews or tasks to Producers and be across your team and their workflow. Someone has a sick day? With all their work in Lumi, it will be easy for another team member to pick things up.

Manage Confidential Info 

Vault documents you need to keep private or for executive eyes only so staff can only see what is relevant to them. 

Avoid Duplication & Misinformation 

Work on a live digitised casting brief, forecast, schedule and share your plan with the team. Forget emailing out V11 of the casting plan, with everyone working in Lumi they're always looking at the most up-to-date information, reducing emails and old, out of date documents in files.

Review & Rate and Sort 

Digitise those often lost notebook scribbles from Producers. Create your own cast gradings system or simply track your YES/NO/MAYBE's. Need to rate their cooking skills? Need to know how many instagram followers they have? Lumi gives you flexibility to create your own unique fields to record and track whatever you need for your project. 

Don't let a great option slip through the cracks 

When your applications start to grow, it's easy to miss someone. With every word searchable in Lumi, don't stress about remembering that redhead from Perth who had tattoos' name, a quick search of those words will bring her up. Create hashtags for keywords for easy searching and categorisation (eg #mum #girlnextdoor #single).

Reporting & Tracking 

Get rid of complicated excel trackers and have a live overview of how your casting is going, keep across the numbers and allocate resources accordingly. Don't assign street casters to Brisbane when you actually need them in Sydney.  Use custom fields to track who has returned their contract, who is still pending a police check, and be across an overview of your cast with one click. 



Live 3D Schedules

Simply pull your cast cards into a schedule and plan out your day, set a total time of day to make sure your day isn't taking you into overtime. Click into cast cards directly from the schedule to read up on them and make notes. 

Paperless Auditions

Create a kanban to monitor how your cast are moving through rounds and interviews on audition days, know how many people have registered, how many are waiting, how many haven't showed up, and more importantly - how many you like.

Compile & Pitch 

Get rid of the headshots on the wall and put your favourite options on a Lumi board, play around with pairings, move and re-size, create your own labels and see what your cast is looking like. Go into your pitch with a live 3D board which moves and shows options as the client makes changes. 

Move seamlessly into Production

Once your cast is locked, simply add to their cast cards to keep growing into your production. Plan out their key stories, backstories, shoots, interviews, travel info, contracts and much more.