Keep your team on track with a dynamic Project Dashboard

Project Dashboards give you complete control over what, where and how your work is displayed. They are completely customisable so you can display schedules, latest cuts and series rundowns front and centre providing easy access for the entire team.

Everything about the Episode... on one Lumi Card

Work on a digitised Lumi Card for each episode to collaborate and work on the story threads, scripts, offline notes, viewing notes, supers, graphics, documents and media - whatever you need. All the information is held in one place and ensures everyone’s working on the most up-to-date schedule, cut or script. Changes on the card are automatically updated elsewhere, whether that's press, PR, finance, talent, running orders, location releases or consents. These cards replace the folder / file system, google drives, drop box, emails and takes away the hassle of updating documents individually which removes the danger of inaccurate out-of-date information.

Use Lumi Lists to provide an instant overview of all your cards

Get rid of complicated excel trackers with live and customisable Lumi Lists. Pull the information on your episode or story cards into a list for a powerful and instant overview of your work. You decide what you want to see, how you want to display it and be assured that the team is always looking at the very latest information.


Keep track of each episode with a Kanban

Use a Kanban to track the status of each episode and see where its sitting in the production process: pre-production, offline, viewing ready, online, dub, picture lock, ready for the Channel. Drag to change the status of the cards here and it updates everywhere else. These fields are completely bespoke so you can use whatever terms are needed for your team.


Roughly plan your content on Lumi Boards

Ideal for getting an overview of your story threads, Lumi Boards replace the huge whiteboard on the wall covered in post. Start planning your story episode and series rundowns on a Lumi board, accessible to your team from anywhere at anytime.


Collaborate with your Team Live & Instantly in with our Office 365 Integration

Create, store and upload word, excel, powerpoint documents in Lumi. Update a document somewhere and it updates everywhere. Users with existing Microsoft Business or School accounts can edit documents live and together via Microsoft online, no need for downloading and re-uploading.


Manage your confidential information in Vaults

You won't want to share everything. Any sensitive documents that  need to remain hidden from the team can be stored in a vault. Whether it’s talent contracts, staff contracts or location fees you decide who has access.


 Protect your IP in a Secure Environment

Lumi is deployed on Microsoft Azure’s SaaS service. All data in Lumi is kept safe in Azure’s double encrypted, offsite redundant backup storage. Azure provides extremely secure facilities with world class back-up and security. 
Microsoft provides an incredibly high level of data security that far exceeds what most, even large, companies achieve when self hosting.


Logs & Transcripts 

Create customised shortcuts, log the best moments, interviews, scenes, in timecode logs. Need to find a log, phrase, word, persons interview? Never loose anything, with every word in Lumi fully searchable. You can export the logs and marker direct to your edit - saving you time.

Let Lumi Make Your Life Easier

Lumi is helping post producers embrace an exciting new future. Don't let all your hard work get lost in files, folders and inboxes, when you can display everything in any way you want using Lumi. Track and sort Episodes and Stories, and keep across what you're team are doing.

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