Keep connected 

Need access to contra details, scripts, interviews, shot lists, field notes, the latest cast details & backstories details? With field and post often at different physical locations Lumi gives a platform to stay connected instantly. You have everything live at your fingertips. Say goodbye to out of date bios and schedules. 

Plan Your Episodes 

Use boards to create, workshop and plan episodes. Keeping your extra scenes nearby as a reminder for last minute changes and easy access to transcripts, episodes, field notes. 

Running Orders that keep you honest

Automatic TX timings and durations will keep you on track, no need to worry about complicated excel spreadsheets. Moving your line items is easy just drag and drop and link your cards, giving you an interactive 3D view with all the information you need at your fingertips. 

All your notes in one place

Store story summaries, interview grabs, field notes, edit notes & screening notes all in one uniform place.  No need to wait for an email at the end of the day with all the notes you can log in and see who said what instantly, keeping you on the ball, nothing unnoticed or left behind on notepads.


Can your documents be updated by multiple users?  Are you sharing your information on a secure platform? 

Create, store and link word, excel, powerpoint documents to multiple places in Lumi. Update a document somewhere and it updates everywhere. Keep your documents secure by adding to vaults for limited access. 

Logs & Transcripts 

Create customised shortcuts, log the best moments, interviews, scenes, in timecode logs. Need to find a log, phrase, word, persons interview?  Everything in Lumi is fully searchable. You can export the logs and marker direct to your edit - saving you time.

Episode Tracking

Clearly see what status each episode is up to, what’s waiting for a link, what’s ready for network, what episode is ready for online?  Stay on track and keep in the know. 

Compliance Tracking

Keep your on track of clients, legals, censor requirements, sponsors and more all in once place.

Need to know has seen what? Has the episode gone through legals? Are your sponsors happy? Who needs a link?

Stay on top of your compliance without trawling through your emails last minute to make sure you have ticked all the boxes.