Keep your team on track with a Dynamic Project Dashboard 

Project Dashboards give you complete control over what, where, and how your work is displayed and are completely customisable. Display the latest briefs, today's priorities or any important information front and centre so your whole team is on the same page. Dashboards update automatically with real-time data.

Everything about the brief ....on one Lumi Card

Work on a digitised daily card to collate and work on multiple documents, emails, notes, ideas and everything that normally gets lost over emails, server folders or google drives.  Get every department working together on the one brief, ensuring they are looking at the most up-to-date information. And watch your content grow from ideas, insight and strategy sessions, into action plans, approvals, proposals, through to activation and delivery...all in the one place.

Track, Search and Sort with Custom Fields

Create your own custom fields to allocate, categorise and move your briefs through every stage.

Don't lose valuable data....pull reports to understand how, why and how many briefs are won or lost. 

All of your Briefs....on one Lumi List 

See an overview of your briefs or jobs and sort by whatever you need to see.  

Create your own custom columns and replace multiple excel trackers with one live Lumi List. 

Click into the Cards right from the List to add your notes or edit the Cards from the List itself.

Watch your Briefs move through every stage 

Use a Kanban to see the status of your briefs in a snapshot, with one click you're able to know where everything is up to.

 Drag to change the status of cards here and it updates everywhere. 

Show your team what they need to see, and when

Use date fields to sort your cards by today, tomorrow, the next seven days, or however else you need to see your cards. Create a noticeboard for your team and watch your online workspace come together. 

Manage Clients & Agencies 

Create Cards for each of your clients or agencies and keep all their up to date info, documents and communication in Lumi, rather than your staff's email inboxes. 

Know who you're pitching to...

Record and manage who your clients are, keep track of their values, objectives and competitors.  

Ensure you're not pitching them something they've seen before.

Collaborate with your Team Live & Instantly on Microsoft 365 Online

Create, store and upload word, excel, powerpoint documents in Lumi. Update a document somewhere and it updates everywhere. Users with existing Microsoft Business or School accounts can edit documents live and together via Microsoft online, no need for downloading and re-uploading.

Manage Confidential Info

Vault documents you need to keep private or for executive eyes only so staff can only see what is relevant to them.

Protect your IP and keep hold of your ideas

Tons of little magic ideas that come up in a meeting? Lost a pitch but still thought it was a killer idea? With every word searchable in Lumi you'll never lose an old idea. Create hashtags or keywords to create your own ideas database and match themes and ideas to briefs faster.

An Integration System built for Creatives, by Creatives

Lumi makes it easy to coordinate ideas from many teams to deliver fast-paced responses to briefs. A single place for everyone to communicate, capture ideas, develop, pitch and execute campaigns. Improve your response times and never miss a deadline..

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