Build your own Ideas Database & Protect your IP                                            

Build your research, talent ideas, content, budgets, locations, collate links, paperwork, sizzle reel screening notes and more, making information more accessible between your team.           

While development doesn’t happen overnight Lumi allows your ideas to grow organically in one agile space with no emails, duplication of ideas, lost documents. You can record all your communication from different clients, networks and producers stayed to keep you connected better than ever. 




Track your progress 

Track your ideas at each stage of development so everyone in the team knows where everything is and nothing gets lost on servers and word documents or emails. Need to park a show idea for a few months? It’s easy to find and pick up where things were left off without getting lost. 


Digitise those often lost notebook scribbles from Producers. Put this information in Lumi where you can automatically sort and rate your information by any values you choose.




Stay connected with your team wherever they work 

Create a narrative, content, cast, plan and develop your ideas.
A development team from all around the world can work together in one agile space, bringing your ideas to life.


You can stay connected by sending FYI’s to your coworkers directing them to the space you're working without downloading and attaching emails - saving you time. 





Avoid Duplication & Misinformation 

Whatever changes you make you make to your development projects are updated everywhere. Avoid multiple out of date spreadsheets, or briefs with incorrect information. You can see all of your current development ideas as a slate where information is updating LIVE. 



Manage Confidential Info 

Vault documents you need to keep private or for executive eyes only, so staff can only see what is relevant to them.


Build a bank of information 

Collate your clients, networks and production companies.
Build a bank of intelligence to know who your target is getting to know them better with last correspondence, current contact details, what who said last with new staff being armed very quickly will all of the information they need at their fingertips.




Need to find something quickly? 

When your ideas start to grow, it's easy to miss someone or something.
Maybe you shot sizzle reel with an outstanding talent you want to revisit for another production a year later?


With every word searchable in Lumi, don't stress about remembering that redhead from Perth who had tattoos' name, a quick search of those words will bring her up. Create hashtags for keywords for easy searching and categorisation (eg #mum #girlnextdoor #single). 



Live 3D Schedules 

Simply pull your cards into a schedule and plan out your day, set a total time of day to make sure your day isn't taking you into overtime for your pilot or sizzle reel or pitch meeting. 


Click into your projects, cast, location or scene cards directly from the schedule to read up on them or make live changes. 



Compile & Pitch

At a click of button you can export quickly and efficiently create a bio, pitch document or report with the most up to date information ready for your meeting, saving your time and ensuring the sure the most current information is always there. 


Idea is Sold - Now lets start to make it! 

Everyone wants to know where is the Bible? What’s this new format about? How many episodes are we making? What’s the current schedule? Create a board for the Production with all the answers development has already answered. 


This information is all ready to go and can grow as your production grows having a solid platform for your team to begin.