Keep your team on track with a Dynamic Project Dashboard 

Project Dashboards give you complete control over what, where, and how your work is displayed and are completely customisable. Display the latest rundowns, today's racing coverage or any important information front and centre so your whole team is on the same page. Dashboards update automatically with real-time data.

All your daily content...on one Lumi Card

Work on a digitised daily card to collate multiple documents, emails, notes, ideas and everything that normally gets lost over emails, server folders or google drives. Get every department working together, ensuring they are looking at the most up-to-date information. Work on that day's rundown, commercial tracker and sponsorship commitments, host and commentator lists, broadcast logs, graphics, supers and replays and general notes to the team 

...all together on the same card.

And all of your Daily Cards....on one live Lumi List 

Replace complicated excel trackers with live and customisable Lumi Lists. Pull your cards into a list for a powerful and instant overview of your work. Decide what you want to see, how you want to see it and be assured that the team is always looking at the latest information.

Get an Instant Overview

Use a Kanban to see the status of your daily rundowns from to do, commercial draft, interim, final and distributed.

 Drag to change the status of cards here and it updates everywhere. 

These fields are completely bespoke so you can use whatever terms are needed for your team.

Date fields show your team what they need to see, and when

Use a TX date field on a race card so you can sort your cards by today, tomorrow, the next seven days, or however else you need to see your cards.

Manage your Programs and Protect your IP

Create program cards for each of your studio or sporting programs and manage the latest budgets, rundowns, links and cut downs, schedules, deliverables, sponsorship and distribution in Lumi, rather than your staff's email inboxes. 

Build an archive database of your programs

Collaborate with your Team Live & Instantly on Microsoft 365 Online

Create, store and upload word, excel, powerpoint documents in Lumi. Update a document somewhere and it updates everywhere. Users with existing Microsoft Business or School accounts can edit documents live and together via Microsoft online, no need for downloading and re-uploading.

Keep your Promises

With all departments working from the same place, it's easy to ensure any client promises are kept. Track client briefs, sponsor mentions across programs and ensure the integration and content teams are working together seamlessly.

Build & Manage a Bank of Resources 

Add your freelancers to Lumi to track their availability and quickly pull a list of all of your Camera Operators in the UK.

With new dynamic scheduling on the way, you'll be able to add crew availability to their cards and get an availability overview in a master timeline. 

The same process can be used to manage studios, edit suites, vehicles and production equipment.

Manage Talent with ease  

Store contact details, availability, bios, social media links, measurements and wardrobe, travel info, catering rider, PR & publicity info, videos paperwork and much more.

Manage Confidential Info

Vault documents you need to keep private or for executive eyes only so staff can only see what is relevant to them.

Lumi Can Keep Up With You

Lumi is helping sports broadcasters embrace an exciting new future. Challenges associated with live events (single or simultaneous multi-event formats) and produced content, are easily managed within Lumi.

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