Connect Students & Faculty on the same Dynamic Dashboard 

Create a digital workspace for students and choose what, where, and how Projects and information is displayed. 

Bring a variety of tools into one, central space, accessible from anywhere, at anytime. 

Link external websites and applications, put key information and documents front & centre for quick, easy access.  

Enable your Faculty to have transparency and overview of multiple Student Projects from one easy Dashboard.

Date fields show Students & Staff what they need to see, when

Use a date field on a Card so you can sort your Cards by today, tomorrow, or even the next seven days, and give everyone live information, when they need to see it. Design course information or lesson plans for each day, eliminating confusion and misinformation. 

Avoid Duplication & Misinformation

Update course outlines and workshop info instantly on live Lumi Cards and share with the entire team in seconds, no need to worry about updating V13 and emailing it out. 


Everything about each Student Project...on the one Lumi Card

Student Projects can grow organically on a live digitised Card, helping your students understand the importance of clear collaboration and communication.  Students can work together live on multiple documents, content, ideas, and plans that are normally lost over email chains, server folders, personal desktops and google drives in this one live centralised place.  Teachers can get everything they need regarding a Project in one easily accessible Card, enabling live feedback for students.

Track & Manage all the Moving Parts with Custom Fields

Using custom Field Sets e.g. Students and Teachers, you can manage the workflow of the two parties collaborating on the same space. Allow students to manage their dates, roles, current status and project stage, while teachers are tracking approvals and sign off. 

Replace Static Folders with a Live Lumi List of all Projects 

Forget clicking in and out of Project folders or emails. Pull all your student Project Cards into a Lumi List for a powerful and instant overview of their work. Any changes will be reflected live.  Edit Cards from your list and it updates everywhere. Decide what you want to see, how you want to see it and be assured that the you're always looking at the latest information. 

Get an Instant Overview with Kanbans

Use a Kanban to see the status of each student Project or any workflow of your choice. Drag to change the status of cards here and it updates everywhere. These fields are completely bespoke so you can use whatever terms are needed for your team.

Collaborate Live & Instantly on Microsoft Online

Create, store and upload and edit word, excel, powerpoint documents within in Lumi. Update a document somewhere and it updates everywhere.  Users with existing Microsoft Business or School accounts can edit documents live and together via Microsoft online, no need for downloading and re-uploading. 

Manage Confidential Info

Vault documents you need to keep private, so students can only see what is relevant to them, or can vault any documents that aren't ready for teacher approval.

Creativity with Context 

Lumi Boards are a great way for students to pitch their ideas to the class and collaborate together by clicking straight into cards from the board to see the detail behind the idea. Don't let the visionaries be restricted while working remotely. Give students the tools to create 3D mood, story and vision boards. 

Take the Classroom Whiteboard home with you 

Get rid of the huge whiteboard on the wall and start planning your course or your Projects on a live Lumi board, accessible to your students & staff from anywhere at anytime. 

Let Student Teams work Privately with Vaults 

Put each student Project group into a team Vault, allowing them to share content with their team-mates and staff without sharing a part of their assignment that they aren't ready to disclose with 

Discover a new Online Workspace for Education

Both staff and students will benefit from Lumi's collaborative platform. Strategic planning, project based work and knowledge management are all effectively managed in Lumi. Improve productivity and protect your IP with Lumi.

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