Keep your team on track no matter where they're working

with a Dynamic Project Dashboard 

Project Dashboards give you complete control over what, where, and how your work is displayed and are completely customisable. They enable you to take the office home wherever you go. Dashboards update automatically with real-time data. Place documents, images, embedded websites and media front and centre on your Dashboard for easy access. Display web links and external media such as YouTube, Vimeo or Soundcloud. 

Everything about the Episode or Podcast....on the one Lumi Card

Work on a digitised card for each Episode, Story or Contributor to collaborate and bring together multiple documents, plans, notes, ideas and everything that normally gets lost over emails, server folders or google drives.  Work on synopsis and creative breakdowns, interview questions, one pagers, talent, crew, transcripts, edit notes, sponsors, legals, schedules, budgets and more. 

Avoid Duplication & Misinformation

An Overview of all your Episodes....on the one Lumi List 

Pull your Cards into a list for a powerful and instant overview of your stories or Episodes.  Edit cards from your list and it updates everywhere. Decide what you want to see, how you want to see it and be assured that the team is always looking at the latest information.  Add your own customisable Fields to filter and categorise your work. 

Watch your Episodes move from Development to Delivery

Create a Kanban to get an overview of your Episodes, what’s waiting for a link, what’s ready for client approval, what episode is ready to be released on socials?  Get an overview or click into the detail to store and work on edit notes, transcripts, sponsorship mentions, legal checks and paperwork.

Manage Contributors & Talent

Source and collate information about all your Contributors in one central spot. 

Use cards to store contact details, bios, photos, videos, social media links, weblinks, producer notes, red flags, interview questions, appearances releases, paperwork and much more.

Keep across Availability & Paperwork with Ease

Throw your Contributor Cards into a List and see at a glance where you're up to with your Cast. 

Update something anywhere and it updates everywhere. 


Plan your Podcast Puzzle Pieces from anywhere, anytime....

Get rid of the huge whiteboard on the wall and start planning your your stories or segments on a Lumi Board, accessible to your team from anywhere at anytime. Play around with segments and interviews, create your own labels and watch everything come together. Click straight into the cards from your Boards for easy access to transcripts, highlights and notes. 

Live Time-Coded Logs 

Say goodbye to scribbling down notes about the best bits and and hello to live time-of-day multi user logs.

Create your own custom shortcuts and keep a live searchable bank of all the best parts of your interviews 

Don't let a great moment slip through the cracks... 

When your stories and moments start to grow, it's easy to miss something. With every word searchable in Lumi, don't stress about remembering that funny moment where someone stole the mayo, a quick search of those words will bring it up. 

Stay connected with your team wherever they work 
A podcast team from all around the world can work together in one agile space, bringing your ideas to life.

You can stay connected by sending FYI’s to your coworkers directing them to the space you're working without downloading and attaching emails - saving you time. Never lose track of who said what and when.....create pitch trackers, and communicate together as a team.  

Collaborate with your Team Live & Instantly on Microsoft Online

Create, store and upload word, excel, powerpoint documents in Lumi. Update a document somewhere and it updates everywhere.  Users with existing Microsoft Business or School accounts can edit documents live and together via Microsoft online, no need for downloading and reuploading. 

Manage Confidential Info 

Vault documents you need to keep private or for executive eyes only so staff can only see what is relevant to them. 


Live 3D Daily Schedules

Simply pull your cards into a schedule and plan out your day, perfect for interviews and studio sessions, set a total time of day to make sure your day isn't taking you into overtime. Click into cards directly from the schedule to read up on them and make notes. 

Replace Complicated Archive Trackers with easy live Lumi Lists 

Use your custom fields to be across an overview of your archive material, cast, stories, and episodes with one click. With everyone working in the one place you'll always be across the latest costings, status and clearance. 

Protect Yourself

Create, track and upload releases to ensure nothing is released without permission 


Build your own Ideas Database & Protect your IP in a Secure Environment

Lumi is deployed on Microsoft Azure’s SaaS service. All data in Lumi is kept safe in Azure’s double encrypted, offsite redundant backup storage. Azure provides extremely secure facilities with world class back-up and security. 
Microsoft provides an incredibly high level of data security that far exceeds what most, even large, companies achieve when self hosting.

Your World at Your Fingertips 

Our platform is powering teams through the lifecycle of podcast projects - from development and casting through to record, post production and delivery.  A powerful, secure, digital office that supports your virtual work environment.

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