Here is all you need to know about Lumi's latest releases.



You can display your Fields on Boards.

Simply press this button to toggle what Fields you want to display on and off. If your Fields are in a Set they will display in each Set.

Each Field you select will display on the front of your Cards.

File Requests

File Requests are the new Lumi feature that allow you to request paperwork, images and archive materials from non-Lumi users that import directly to that Card. It allows you to automatically import Talent contracts and images, Crew paperwork, or files from Clients without the back and forth over email. 

You can request files from an individual Card or from multiple Cards in bulk. All files will automatically be attached to that Card.

To learn more click here.

Media Categories

Create your own custom categories and organise away...Files and media can have multiple categories, allowing your budget to live in both "Finance" and "Proposal Documents". Update it in one place and it updates everywhere. Click through your images and documents with ease, and keep up to date with the latest changes. Change your view for whatever your style, and sort by whatever you need....

Project Library

In the latest release we moved the Project Library / Advanced Search to the Side bar, you can now find this using this little bookcase icon.

This has been updated for quick and easy access to all the Cards, media and files in your Project.


From here (as always) you can find whatever you’re looking for and narrow down your search by users, categories, fields, dates or file types etc.

You can save a search, change your view or change or delete Cards in bulk by ticking them.

You’ll find every document in your Project here, where you can rename, download, delete or add the files to your Dashboard.


Column Boards

Our Lumi Boards have been given a makeover and they're feeling fresh and ready to show themselves off. 

Based on your feedback and requests, Boards now give you even greater flexibility to manage and move content in a way that suits you and your team. 

Swap the office whiteboard with a live Lumi Board - accessible from anywhere, at anytime and on any device. 

Get planning with our brand new slots. Put Cards, text and media exactly where you want it. Perfect for rundowns, programming or simply planning out your projects. 

Drag and drop your Cards into the perfect spot.

Type straight into your Board for quick and instant updates and simply click into a Card to get more detail.


Lumi Lists

Lumi Lists are a customisable list view of your Cards, add your Cards to Lists and choose your own columns to create a live automatic tracker, that instantly gives you an overview of your work. This way, the overview is automatically populated from the work itself, and not a static spreadsheet, removing unnecessary duplication of your work. You can make updates to the Card from the List itself. Update it here, and it updates everywhere.


Columns can be edited directly from the List by double-clicking into the cell and editing. These can be linked to fields, so if you update here, it updates on the Card as well.

To sort your List by the values in a column e.g. by name or by one of the fields, simply click the column heading to sort your view in the order of your choosing. Resize columns by holding the heading and dragging from left to right. Sort your List by a column by clicking the column heading. 


Project Dashboard

We are very excited to release the new Lumi Dashboard. You now have complete control over what, where and how your work is displayed on your Project Dashboards.

Documents, images and media can be placed in front and centre for easy, fast access.


You can even display external media (ie from YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud) embedded websites and weblinks on the dashboard.



You can customise your dashboard further with our new favourites option allowing each individual user to bookmark their favourite items.


Sidebar Menu + Project Switcher 

Clicking the Home button now takes you to an updated sidebar menu, where you can access Boards, Kanbans, Rundowns, Schedules and the Activity Log. You can also quickly switch between Projects.

Project Sets

The Project Sets feature allows you to create a grouping of whatever you need (ie cards, boards, media etc) and keep them all together all in one place. 

You might want to make a collection of cards for a particular phase of your project (pre, production, post) or group things by day, week, episode, shoot, person etc. Now you can easily access all the relevant items for the current phase you are working in.



Handle your day-to-day workflow like a pro with the new worklists feature. Create a list of things that you are currently working on (like the example below - roles you're trying to fill) for speedy access.


Other Updates

  • The Lumi default font on Cards has been changed from Sans serif 20 to Arial 11.

  • Saved Searches can now be shared with the entire Project and not just an individual User

  • When you upload media to a project it will now display in the activity log.

  • Some audio and video files can now be played in Lumi without downloading

  • Card and tab templates are displayed in alphabetical order when selecting them from the drop-down menu when creating a new card or tab.

  • Users can click through to a board from within a card